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Edward Rose has entered the building

Edward Rose has entered the building

It’s been nearly two years since the birth of Hurren & Hope so firstly can I say a sincere thank you to all the candidates, Clients and friends who made it possible and kept my children fed! The sentiment behind the business has always been to offer something different to other recruitment organisations with a focus on our working practices rather than the bottom line. Those roots are firmly locked in to the business, what with that and the fact I’m no Richard Branson the prospect of bringing in some extra helping hands has been daunting. With 15 years recruitment experience under my belt you would think I would have this recruitment lark down to a fine art but recruiting for yourself is different. I have now had the opportunity to sit in the employers shoes literally and I can without doubt understand the “just something not quite right”, ” he could do the job but there was just something missing” comments I occasionally receive from employers. now don’t misunderstand me understanding our client’s culture and Candidates aspirations has always been the focus of our approach but experiencing it first-hand has really brought it home.

I have waxed lyrical about the fact recruitment isn’t about sales for years but it still amazes me that the majority of the candidates I spoke with from the industry were effectively salesman/woman. Fortunately a past contact of Simon’s was open to speaking with us and I am now very happy to bring Edward Rose (Ed) in to the Hurren & Hope family. Ed has three years recruitment experience under his belt and has proven in that time to be a successful consultant but above all Ed has a decent set of ethics and a genuine interest in people. He still has the polish that comes from his City based past and you are more likely to find him in a wine bar than a sticky floored pub like myself but I’m sure we can work on that! At least for those of you looking for an alternative to my Suffolk vocabulary can now lean on Simon and Ed to offer a translation.

You can reach Ed on 01473 599009 or [email protected]

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