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Emily’s Six Month Review.

Emily’s Six Month Review.

My first six months in recruitment, as a complete newbie to the world of recruitment. I have been asked several times “Is recruitment what you expected it to be?”.
This is a complicated question for me to answer as I didn’t have any first impressions of what recruitment was before, having never been exposed to it, before I had the chance to experience it for myself. I have learned over the past couple of months there is a lot more to recruitment than what it may look like on the surface. I have learned, at its deepest, that it is a relationship industry.

Whether that be with Employers or candidates, those relationships which are made really define the experiences that all parties have during the recruitment process. I feel that the core of recruitment is how people are treated and if you build relationships built on trust and respect, then you build instant credibility, something which is not always present in the industry. This is one of the main things I enjoy about my job, finding deserving people a role which you know is everything they are wanting at that moment in their careers. It is these wins that motivate me in my role every day.

Another thing that I have learned within my time is to be openminded, constantly! The recruitment industry is always changing as new companies, competitors and new ways of working come up. It’s important to keep hold of your core values and stay true to the ways in which you want to work, keeping your mind open to new ideas and advice will ensure you stay ahead. It is often easy to get stuck in one way of working which is another key lesson I have learned in the industry.

Recruitment for me was a role in which I kind of fell into, coming to the end of my A levels I was looking for a career that allowed me to interact with people as this is something I enjoy and feel I’m good at but also had a business side to it. Recruitment fits the bill perfectly. The reason to go into IT recruitment specifically was simple. I have always enjoyed IT, having done it for one of my A levels, it’s an industry that I find very interesting as it is always growing and changing.

Over the last 6 months, there are many challenges I have had to overcome with the main one being confidence. Being a bit of a worrier by nature, when talking with someone I would occasionally worry about saying the wrong thing. I shared my concerns who gave the simple advice of “Speak with people in a way you would want to be spoken too, you will be fine.” I often find that it’s those small pieces of advice that stick with you the most, it doesn’t have to be anything profound, just real.

So was recruitment what I expected it to be? The short answer is no. Before joining recruitment, I thought it would be a very sales-focused industry. Motivated more on how many placements you made and not who you placed where. The biggest lessons I have learned is that recruitment is what you make it. You decide how you want to interact with people and how you want to represent yourself.

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