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Float like a butterfly

Float like a butterfly

A belated update on Ed’s leap of faith, it’s crazy busy at the moment, I’m sorry… Did I mention I’m looking for new members for the team here? That’s not the purpose of this article though, this article is an opportunity for me to question the sanity of Ed while also commending him on his bravery and ability to fall to earth from the heavens and remain intact!

The day commenced on a windy disused field with a number of buildings that resembled something from Mad Max, at this point we didn’t really have a lot of faith in Ed flinging himself from a plane. The sign on the loo’s “if it’s pee let it be, if it’s poo flush the loo” did little to instil confidence!

Despite this, Ed soldiered on determined to defy physics. As he signed the waiver I did question if this was wise, but chose not to voice it to Ed. Despite my reservations, the plane looked in good nick and it got off the ground. Many minutes later, a dot reappeared above the clouds and what looked like raisins fell out of the side of it. One of the raisins turned out to be Ed, and despite landing on his backside, Ed’s grin said it all. I have created a monster!


The best bit about this story is thanks to the generosity of those that have contributed and a chunk of the Hurren and Hope coffers we are currently sat at just shy of £700 which will be supporting families and children in the region via EACH.

I would love to hit the £1,000 target we set for ourselves, so please do click on the link below and help us out. Thank you to all of you who have contributed already, we and EACH sincerely appreciate the support. Hurren and Hope will continue to support charities through various events in 2017 and I will continue to offer up belated posts. Good work, Ed!

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