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EACH Golf day and our own version of Tiger

EACH Golf day and our own version of Tiger

I know I know, the blog has been sadly lacking of late, it’s been a really busy year for me personally and for the team. You have my word I will try my best to get the blog back to a monthly affair in 2018. So with the world in meltdown with earthquakes in Mexico, threats of nuclear holocaust in Korea, Trump lighting fires across the globe and Brexit looming, what meaty topic can I choose to focus this article on? Golf.

Yep, it feels like relatively safe territory, but it’s also a sneaky way for me to flag up a young man within my team who deserves some recognition. Oliver Heath has been with me close to a year now and has seriously impressed me with how far he has come in that time, soaking up the training we offer and staying true to our values which mirror his own.

Hurren & Hope IT Recruitment was founded on my belief that recruitment has nothing to do with sales and comes with a responsibility towards the people we partner with. “Yes, Mark, we know, you have been banging the drum for the last 4 years!” I’m just checking you were listening. We target individuals who we believe share our values and display the traits required to offer true consultancy, sadly more often than not we find those traits and skills in sectors outside of recruitment. Oliver Heath is an individual who optimizes the benchmark we look for, his genuine desire to offer value, knowledge and expertise with a focus on our candidates and clients makes him a true asset to the team.

“Hang about, Mark, you told me this blog was going to be about Golf?” Oh yeah, I did. Hurren and Hope are taking part in the EACH Golf Day over at Hintlesham hall on the 16th of October, so firstly take a look at the link and get yourself signed up for a good cause. This also gives me a chance to include the fancy new advert Ollie took part in for Sky Sports. Yes, you read that right, we have a budding golf pro in our ranks, he even has his own YouTube Channel!

Check it out at Ollie Heath Golf.

I’m sure you will agree Ollie is not only a talented golfer but also a decent guy. He has had a very successful year filling jobs here at Hurren and Hope and has quickly established himself. Get to know him a bit better by giving him a call on 01473 599009 to discuss your latest requirement or plans for your career, or drop him a line at [email protected].

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