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Introducing Karmacoin

Introducing Karmacoin

So what’s with Karmacoin? The short of it is, I have always been fortunate to have people around me that I have been able to learn from and who supported me when I needed it. Good friends and sound counsel have been important in my career and for keeping the lights on here at Hurren & Hope.

Karmacoin is a platform to say thank-you to all of you in a more formal way. Candidates who have shown loyalty and individuals within end employers who have shown a commitment to a longer-term relationship founded on mutual respect. It’s also a chance for us to support three local charities – Each, St Elizabeth Hospice and The Creative Computing Foundation.

The Karmacoin website will provide you with details on how the scheme works, but the premise is… You are all in the tech community like ourselves, you have conversations with your friends, the guy on the train, the lady you see at the tea point… You hear their work-related frustrations; whether that’s difficulty in finding their next team member (yes, that’s right, you can also refer hiring managers who have open vacancies through the platform), or how they would love to change jobs to lose the commute or the fact they spend Sunday afternoon stressed out about returning to work on Monday. Karmacoin is a chance to help those individuals out, support local charities (as well as Hurren & Hope, of course!) and maybe take a holiday to the Bahamas!

The ultimate goal is that good karma gets passed round to everyone we have dealings with. I give you my word we will look after those individuals providing career advice, talent management expertise, sound counsel and, if appropriate, introductions to new pastures that remove their frustrations.

Here’s the bottom line… Despite all the good intentions from myself and the team here, and all the work put in by Cheddar Creative (who helped us build the platform, with more than a few late nights!), Karmacoin’s success starts and ends with you, the tech community.

I sincerely hope you will continue to support me and my team here, along with our charity partners, by embracing the concept of Karmacoin.


Thank you!


With Karmacoin, being helpful never felt so rewarding. Earn rewards for referring your friends.