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Senior UI / UX designer

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£50000 - £65000 per annum + Flexible / Home Working



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Senior UI / UX designer

We are an established software house delivering solutions in the Music Streaming and Global movie industry, several new verticals within our company has us seeking the help of a UX / UI professional skilled in the design and delivery of User interfaces for Cloud-based software. As the sole UX/UI professional in the company at this stage of our development, you will be tasked with driving forward our products working closely with our end clients to include some of the leading movie studios and music streaming organisations, the potential need to fly to the US on occasion may crop up. This is an opportunity to apply your unique approach to UI / UX, from initial concept to delivery. We know you are already working with a successful software house and it would need to be something special to tempt you to leave.

We think we are offering exactly that. we work with some of the worlds largest movie and music companies, we are now in the infancy of several key work programmes, which includes delivering a bespoke solution for one of the big six movie production firms. We are offering the opportunity to work closely with our existing team of Developers and wider Data science teams along with the end client themselves to design, Architect and build a groundbreaking product that in early Beta rollouts has already proven it's self so potent we are now in conversations with a number of Movie producers looking to engage our services. The UX/UI strategy is currently without direction we are all ears to hear how your skills and knowledge can help us move forward the user experiences of our end clients. The entire company welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with you to draw from your experiences in the past to take our platform forward, we have worked too hard to have our product arrive with our clients in a less than perfect condition!

Culturally we are an eclectic mix of individuals all with a unique story, what we share is our love of technology, from the ground up we are techies. We love to solve problems over coffee and cake, there is always more than one way to a solution and we welcome all comers with an idea. Don't forget we are up against Silicon Valleys finest we need everyone's input to stay on top of our game. Sure we work hard and none of us like to leave a loose end, that said many of us have families and all have us love travel and have hobbies outside of work. That's why we believe in a highly autonomous working relationship that has room for homeworking and flexibility in working hours and work styles.

Why us? This is a true greenfield opportunity, not a small module or spruce up it's a ground-up build being delivered into the global market place. We are well funded by our end clients, with a diversity in our client portfolio that ensures we will be here in the coming years. Our offering is currently unique and we are hungry to secure a tipping point in the market place that will ensure we are the de facto name for our field. We are offering individuals the chance to help us write the story holding the pen not simply follow an already written script. Yes, that brings challenges and it will take the right character and skills to enable you to enjoy the variety that the environment offers.

Personality and attitude go a long way and we embrace the individual, that said we would expect to see a previous experience of UX / UI strategy delivery within a Software / Technology organisation. The ability to work closely with end clients establishing, defining and clearly documenting user journeys (surveys, Eye-tracking etc.) We are a sucker for a good portfolio too so please do let us take a look at your previous projects.

Hurren and Hope are our exclusive partners for this recruitment campaign which spans several roles / Departments across the company. For more information and to organise a meeting with us please contact Mark Hurren.


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