Who Run The Code? Girls!

by Mark Hurren

By Lauren Calver https://youtu.be/VBmMU_iwe6U What’s that, a flying pig? A unicorn? No, it’s a woman in technology. Despite progress towards workplace equality, women in technology remain sadly diminished with only 15% working in STEM roles, and only 5% in leadership roles*. Moreover, this imbalance doesn’t …

It’s not all about Brexit!

by Mark Hurren

Ok, blowing your own trumpet isn't a British pastime, and I don't want to come across as a narcissist, but I wanted to write this post as an (admittedly small) attempt at balancing the tide of bad news coming from …

Blockchain? Is this the technology your business needs?

by Mark Hurren

With Hurren and Hope now spearheading a campaign for a global Blockchain organisation who have based themselves in the region, we have taken a keen interest in this rapidly advancing space.  This article from Blockgeeks.com offers some insight into the …

Hurren & Hope Selected as Enterprise Advisors

by Mark Hurren

Hurren & Hope are very pleased to announce we are now a member of the National Enterprise Advisor Network.  We will be working as part of a national initiative that sees professionals from industry working closely with the education sector …

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