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Onwards and upwards!

Onwards and upwards!

2016 was a rollercoaster in more ways than one, with a global backdrop that many would have thought Marvel comics came up with. Relax! There will be no opinions on the appointment of Trump, leaving the EU, and whether or not Blankety Blank should get a series in 2017. This post is all about looking forward to 2017.

To be frank, 2016 was a pretty pants year, I personally had a unique insight into the challenges that come with building the right company culture and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. I was reminded that my belief in finding the right people is more than simply finding experienced individuals who know how to do the job. How they go about doing the job, how they fit in to the team, and the impression they leave behind on the people they interact with is as, if not more, important. With this in mind, I am very pleased to welcome Oliver Heath to the team here at Hurren and Hope.

Ed and I spent many months chatting with individuals from the recruitment industry, some within the IT sector, others looking to move from other recruitment backgrounds. It became evident that we really are different to the recruitment norm. I was actually surprised by some of the archaic approaches to recruiting talent being utilised elsewhere. There was also a very evident culture of sales within the recruitment sector, but that’s another rant I will save for a future post.

Ollie and I met over the internet. Hold on, it’s not what you think. He runs a Golf blog on YouTube – Ollie Heath Golf.

As you can see, he is a thoroughly good bloke with bags of energy, an interest in people, and a set of values that meant he would quickly become a member of the Hurren and Hope family. Ollie has shown a real passion to learn and has rattled through training to already become a Ninja in IT recruitment. I kid you not, that is his official title on his certification!

Ollie has already shown a commitment to being successful, improving his knowledge of the industry and the marketplace while holding firm to his values.

So to wrap up. One of the many lessons I took from 2016 is that I firmly believe recruiters have the opportunity to provide a hugely positive influence in the lives of our candidates, opening up doors to new opportunities and all the lifestyle benefits that come with it. Ollie recognised and respected the ethics that should come with that opportunity. Any new additions to the team here will need to display exactly that and not just an ability to ‘do the job’.


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