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The demise of the job board?

The demise of the job board?

I know, I know, the job board is dying, blah, blah, blah… nothing you haven’t heard before I hear you cry and yet, they are still around, we are still advertising on them, job seekers are still getting inundated with weekly digests and new random boards are popping up regularly.

I don’t think the job board will ever die completely, there is always going to be a need for advertising and it has its place and has been invaluable to us over the years. However, I think it has had its hay day. LinkedIn seems to be the flavour of choice right now with job seekers becoming more passive.

Less and less are we finding people actively searching and more we are seeing people move around because they have been approached. Great, I hear you cry, less work for us jobseekers… Wrong! You still need to be attractive and still need to be found. Keywords are very important in searching profiles and yours needs to stand out. Treat your LinkedIn like a live, evolving CV. Work with a new skillset? – get it on LinkedIn. New job title? – get it on LinkedIn. Voluntary work and interests? – get them on LinkedIn. It is increasingly important to continually update your profile, open up your network and talk to people you never would have entertained before, because that dream job could be just around the corner and you weren’t even looking for it!

Does this then lead to the death of the recruiter? Again, a thought that has been much bandied around. If I am able to be easily found on LinkedIn, why then are companies not approaching me directly? Why don’t I approach them myself? The obvious answer to both is time. 100% of my job is recruitment, maybe 5%(?) of a hiring manager’s job is recruitment. More importantly, however, are relationships and a properly managed process. Time and time again I talk a client through someone’s background and experience as a CV simply cannot. If a CV does not do it, a LinkedIn profile has even less chance of success.

When we take on a new job, the first thing that we do is bounce ideas around the office and talk about who we know that would be right, or could be right. Our knowledge and network cannot be replaced by any non-human medium.

It is a common misconception that a recruiter just sends a CV and then charges a fee. Some do, but a good recruiter deserves their title and consults with both the candidate and client and manages the whole process. Ideas, interview advice, coaching, process management, people matching; there is a whole world of value that a true consultant can add to the process.

The answer then? The job board will not disappear. LinkedIn is a key tool but not the whole picture and a good recruiter can be invaluable. Looking for a new role? Thinking about looking for a new role? Not looking but open to talking? Use the wide variety of tools at your disposal; get your CV onto online job boards, search through the adverts, update your LinkedIn and get proactive and talk to a recruiter that you trust (or who is recommended to you).

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