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Meet Our Specialist I.T. Recruitment Team!

At Hurren & Hope, we believe that technical recruitment shouldn’t be driven by sales targets and the relentless pursuit of commission. It’s that stereotype which has given the recruitment industry a bad name.

The Hurren & Hope team are a bunch of like-minded individuals, consultants in the purest sense of the word, who believe people should be put ahead of profits, and a perfect match based on client needs and candidate aspirations should always be the goal.

We take genuine pride in providing truly consultative services – investing time in expanding and improving our expertise and knowledge of the AI, Fintech, Cleantech &amp eHealth jobs market to ensure we’re always at the forefront, providing tangible value to clients and candidates alike.

Hurren & Hope has become a beacon for professional technical recruiters who value relationships over sales and strive to make people the centre of everything they do. Our expert consultants represent the alternative to the sales stereotype that blights the talent industry, Their sound ethics and natural attributes combine with our focus on training resulting in a culture that takes pride in the individual and recognises the trust our candidates and employment partners place in us.

Mark Hurren - IT recruitment


I have been extremely fortunate in my career to engage with some truly inspirational individuals, both in the form of employers and candidates, one of the things those individuals showed me is we can all achieve more with the right people around us. I’m not ashamed to admit I love the complexities of people their motivations, fears, values the very things that make us individual yet in many ways not so different from each other. I have made it my goal to try and understand those complexities to provide clarity where needed and advice and support when asked.

I founded Hurren & Hope as I believed the recruitment sector has lost it’s focus on the very thing that sustains it…people! I wanted to bring together a team of ethical Talent consultants, train them continuously to perfect their knowledge of the market place focusing on psychology, behavioral science and emotional intelligence to ensure they offer clear genuine consultative advice. All within a sales-free environment that enables them to provide the best service to employers and candidates and rewards that service not the resulting fee.

The end result is we are all stronger and more successful together. That’s all of us, the hiring manager, the prospective candidate, the internal Talent department / HR and my team, everyone!

It has to be a symbiotic relationship for us all to prosper.

Mark Hurren
Ed Rose - IT recruitment

Managing Consultant

My passion comes from truly helping people achieve their dream jobs whilst simultaneously building the talent pool for employers. This is the reason I joined Hurren & Hope as that same passion can be felt within the management team here.

Hurren & Hope is a breath of fresh air for the industry, being built on the backbone of existing long-term relationships and having people at the core of our values, something that attracted me and what I strive for every day.

Ed Rose

Talent Consultant – FinTech & Blockchain Technology

With a background that has seen me work in several industries, I have always had a drive to help people whilst building long-term relationships.

Since first joining Hurren & Hope, I felt straight away the passion and drive from the management team. I knew their ethos was completely different to the normal recruitment environment, which was new and exciting so it was a no-brainer to join them on their journey.

Hurren & Hope has a wealth of experience and an approach which places people’s goals and dreams as its primary focus – providing the best service possible.

Oliver Heath

Senior Candidate Consultant

Throughout my career I have been a character that demands high standards and morals, making Hurren & Hope an ideal environment.

Hurren & Hope appreciate how important careers are in a person’s life, combining this fundamental understanding with a wealth of knowledge and experience helps provide an unrivalled service in the sector.

The strong principles displayed was a key factor for me when I came on board and knowing I have the opportunity to have a positive influence on someone’s life continues to motivate every day.

Ross McFarland

Senior Talent Liaison – AI & Machine Learning

For the last three years, I have been studying at university for a Psychology degree, specifically concentrating on the many aspects of Neuroscience. After completion of my dissertation and final exams, my thoughts turned to future employment and which path to take. I’ve had previous experience with hospitality and social care which presented me with an insight into all kinds of perspectives and ways of dealing with people effectively.

Having been fortunate enough to secure a graduate position with Hurren & Hope it was immediately obvious I would be able to engage with, support and assist people moving forward. The principles and ethics of the company have already inspired me and I hope to become a valued member of this inspirational team.

Lauren Calver
Emily Howlett

Talent Researcher

Following my A levels, my thoughts turned to the career opportunities available to me. As someone who is highly motivated by helping others, and having gained experience within the hospitality sector, I knew I’d be well-suited to a people-focused role.

After securing an apprenticeship with Hurren & Hope, it became clear that this position would enable me to develop those skills further while having a positive influence on the people I’d be working with. I’m inspired by the strong principles displayed throughout the company and love being part of a team that puts people at the centre of everything we do.

Emily Howlett
Matthew Haden-Scott

Senior Talent Liaison – Cleantech

Having worked across several different sectors, I understand the importance of building strong relationships and having an equally strong work ethic. From my first meeting with the Hurren & Hope team, I could see they shared my passion for excellence – with a clear desire to provide the best possible service every time – and knew it was the perfect match for me.

I find the challenge of finding the perfect fit for candidates and employers very rewarding and Hurren & Hope’s refreshing approach to recruitment makes for an exciting and passionate environment to work in. Going the extra mile to help someone secure their dream career is the biggest motivator for me!

Matt Haden-Scott

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